Luxury Hair Extensions

Why VoMor 

+ VoMor extensions are exclusively made from cuticle intact Remy hair, collected and manufactured in a humane manner and packaged according to environmental guidelines.

+ Recommended wear is 6-8 weeks and panels can be re-used up to 3 times.

+ Available lengths: 12, 16, and 20 inches aligned to the Aveda color wheel.

+ 30 Available Colors ranging from ash blonde to deep black.

More about this luxury service...



Installation [$50+ per box] includes shampoo service.

Maintenance [$75+ per box] includes removal, reinstallation, and style.

Removal [$50 per box] includes shampoo and style.

  + With removal, we do recommend also scheduling a haircut.

  + Installation & Maintenance services increase with the service providers Artist Level.



12 inch extensions [$170-$186]

16 inch extensions [$202-$228]

20 inch extensions [$292-$324]


Jiva Experience

As an Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa, we offer the latest in haircuts, styling and color. Salon appointments begin with a consultation and a signature pressure point scalp massage. We take a total image approach to help enhance your best features that suit you and your lifestyle. The result is a personalized look that complements the shape of your face, features, and skin tone with the perfect haircut, hair color, and makeup.


Every day we are grateful for our talented team and dedicated guests who keep them so busy! We want to make sure you have the best experience possible by encouraging you to pre-book 2 to 3 future appointments out at a time. This ensures you are seen regularly and that your appointments are at a time that is most convenient for you!

Artist Levels

Your haircare needs are unique to your goals and desires. Our level system helps you quickly decide what service is best for you. Each level represents a service provider's skill level, reflected in the price for a service at that level. Level 1 service providers are our developing artists, whereas our Level 6 providers have a more tenured skillset.