Hair Care

Hair Care

As an Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa, we offer the latest in haircuts, styling and color. Salon appointments begin with a consultation and a signature pressure point scalp massage. We take a total image approach to help enhance your best features and that suit you and your lifestyle. The result is a personalized look that complements the shape of your face, features, and skin tone with the perfect haircut, hair color, and makeup.

Every day we are grateful for our talented team and dedicated guests who keep them so busy! We want to make sure you have the best experience possible by encouraging guests to pre-book 2 to 3 future appointments out at a time. This ensures you are seen regularly and that your appointments are at a time that is most convenient for you!

Your needs are unique to your goals and desires. Our pricing level system helps you quickly decide what service is best for you. Each level represents a service provider’s skill level, reflected in the price for a service at that level. Level 1 service providers are our developing artists, whereas our Level 6 providers have a more tenured skillset. All prices listed in our menu reflect Level 1 Artist rates.



cut + style

Shear Cut, Wash & Style
Starting Price$35+
Deluxe Shear Cut, Treatment, & Style
Starting Price$60+
Clipper Cut & Wash
Starting Price$25+
Starting Price$30+
Deluxe Blowout, Treatment, & Style
Starting Price$55+
Simple Style
Starting Price$55
Updo (w/ pins)
Starting Price$65
Child's Cut
Starting Price$20
Bang Trim
Starting Price$10
Neck Trim
Starting Price$10
Beard Trim
Starting Price$15
Artist LevelStarting Price
Shear Cut, Wash & Style$35+
Deluxe Shear Cut, Treatment, & Style$60+
Clipper Cut & Wash$25+
Deluxe Blowout, Treatment, & Style$55+
Simple Style$55
Updo (w/ pins)$65
Child's Cut$20
Bang Trim$10
Neck Trim$10
Beard Trim$15


We offer Aveda Full-Spectrum™ hair color, 97% all natural-derived customized by highly trained Aveda certified colorists.

All over Color
Starting Price$70+
Color w/ Dimension
Starting Price$100+
Root Touch-up
Starting Price$55+
Soft Dimension
Starting Price$45+
Partial/Full Highlight or Lowlight
Starting Price$90+/$105+
Partial/Full Balayage
Starting Price$120+/$150+
Touch-up/Full Blonding
Starting Price$105+/$140+
Partial/Full Babylights
Starting Price$135+/$175+
Express Gray Blending
Starting Price$45
Beard Trim + Tint
Starting Price$45
Corrective, Creative, and Vibrants Color
Starting PriceBy Consult
Artist LevelStarting Price
All over Color$70+
Color w/ Dimension$100+
Root Touch-up$55+
Soft Dimension$45+
Partial/Full Highlight or Lowlight$90+/$105+
Partial/Full Balayage$120+/$150+
Touch-up/Full Blonding$105+/$140+
Partial/Full Babylights$135+/$175+
Express Gray Blending$45
Beard Trim + Tint$45
Corrective, Creative, and Vibrants ColorBy Consult

Cezanne Smoothing Treatment

Transform the texture of your hair with one of these formaldehyde-free keratin smoothing treatments! A consultation prior to booking your Cezanne services is recommended to customize your treatment.

Starting Price$200+
Improve overall health and appearance of your hair by infusing keratin, aloe, and vitamins.
Starting Price
Starting Price$315+
Transform your frizzy, difficult, kinky, curly hair into soft, manageable, beautiful locks.
Starting Price
Starting Price$315+
Using blue-violet hues to reduce unwanted warm tones this leaves behind silky and shiny hair.
Starting Price
Artist LevelStarting Price
Improve overall health and appearance of your hair by infusing keratin, aloe, and vitamins.
Transform your frizzy, difficult, kinky, curly hair into soft, manageable, beautiful locks.
Using blue-violet hues to reduce unwanted warm tones this leaves behind silky and shiny hair.

hair + scalp treatments

Upgrade your next cut or color experience with a personalized treatment! Ask your stylist for a complimentary consultation to see which treatment you would benefit from the most. We have treatments to hydrate, moisturize, repair, add shine, and/or nourish your hair and scalp.

Botanical Hair Therapy+$25
Moisturize and strengthen your hair in just five minutes! This treatment leaves your hair feeling smooth while adding shine.
Botanical Repair Treatment+$25
Strengthen and repair your hair by adding protection through Aveda's Botanical Repair Treatment. This treatment leaves your hair feeling softer and healthier.
Shine Treatment+$25
Improve the condition of your damaged hair. This treatment refreshes your color, tints your natural hair, and corrects uneven tones while adding shine!
Nutriplenish Hydrating Treatment+$25
Hydrate and moisturize your hair with Aveda's Nutriplenish System. This powerful line is perfect to combat Iowa's harsh Winters!
Invati Treatment+$25
Achieve thicker, fuller, stronger hair with. This unique treatment energizes with the power of tumeric + ginseng and a refreshing scalp massage that improves microcirculation.
Pramasana Scalp Treatment+$25
This scalp treatment helps to balance, strengthen, and protect your scalp.


We offer 100% human hair extensions to help give you that fullness and length you’ve been looking for. Given the high quality of these non-silicone extensions you will be able to maintain a radiant, smooth texture. Call for you free consultation today! Click here to learn more about our Luxury Extensions.

Luxury ExtensionsBy Consult



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